Become a “Vegan Entrepreneur” and you'll enjoy the extraordinary benefits of a franchise that is in constant expansion! Managing a Universo Vegano™ franchise is very simple, thanks to the professionalism and assistance of our team.


Universo Vegano™ provides you with a “turnkey” solution (as a take-away point or restaurant) consisting in:

  • - Planning and design of interiors
  • - Complete furnishings, “nature” style
  • - Professional Equipment
  • - Cash register touch screen hardware
  • - Management software for inventory, orders, and sales
  • - Training classes
  • - Operating Manual
  • - Supply of raw materials
  • - Custom Packaging
  • - Assistance in hygiene and health practices
  • - Promotion through the most important media
  • - Marketing Office and press support
The franchise points have an innovative line of furnishings, created with eco-friendly materials that have a low environmental impact. All components are planned and designed “ad hoc” by our designers to best convey our corporate values, thanks to a mix of materials, shapes, and colors related to nature and sustainability.


We regularly organize training courses, in order to convey to the franchisee all the relevant skills related to the sales and the knowledge of our products. The training courses focus mainly on the: group's philosophy, knowledge of raw materials, assembly techniques, methods of presenting the products to the public, news, use of cash register hardware/software, and updates on industry legislation.


We will periodically provide in stocking the franchisee with raw materials and products required for preparing vegan sandwiches, wraps, kebabs, and soups (after the training course). All take-away products are supplied with Universo Vegano™ branded packaging. Excluded from the supplies are fresh products and vegetables. Since they have a specific shelf-life, they must be purchased in loco.


Thanks to our collaboration with well-known marketing and communication agencies, Universo Vegno™ promotes its concept and retail franchises through the most suitable advertising media (radio, TV, website, social networks, blogs, flyers, posters, brochures, press releases, etc.). Universo Vegano™ is also present in major events and trade fairs, in order to present and promote its franchise and the network of restaurants.


In addition to a restaurant, you may now have the possibility to open a kiosk or stand inside shopping malls, train stations, and airports. For more information, please contact us by fully completing the form below:


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lucio Lucio Palumbo CEO - Universo Vegano

Lucio Palumbo is the creator of the project. With years of experience in the restaurant industry, he is passionate about vegan food, and has created innovative fast food, which is still inexistent, and which has immediately become the reference poi