Master Franchising


Become a Universo Vegano Master Franchisee!

The Universo Vegano group is in continuous expansion and is selecting business leaders around the world to entrust with the opportunity of becoming a Master Franchisee.

With the Master Franchising Agreement, you can develop the Universo Vegan franchise in your geographical territory and enjoy the extraordinary benefits of an innovative business success.

Why become a Master Franchisee?

  • - You will invest in a philosophy of nutrition and of healthy and sustainable living, which is being approached by an incredible number of people all over the world.
  • - You can count on the continued support of our team, with the goal of reaching excellent financial results.
  • - You will be given a successful and winning format, complete with furnishings, equipment, packaging, apparel, and products.
  • - The master franchisor will offer you all of the required marketing strategies and advertising material.
  • - Your managers will be able to rely on training and constant support, in order to be able to independently manage our know-how.

lucio Lucio Palumbo CEO - Universo Vegano

Lucio Palumbo is the creator of the project. With years of experience in the restaurant industry, he is passionate about vegan food, and has created innovative fast food, which is still inexistent, and which has immediately become the reference poi