Universo Vegano



Universo Vegano ™ was founded in Italy by a team of people who believes in veganism as a philosophy of life based on respect for animals and a non-violent vision of existence.

In everyday practice, veganism translates into a refusal to use and consume goods deriving from the exploitation and killing of animals, including products such as eggs , dairy products, and honey. The objective of the vegan “vision” is, therefore, not to participate in the systematic, intentional, and unnecessary killing of animals, also avoiding to support activities, such as farming for human consumption, animal testing, and hunting.

Indirectly, the vegan philosophy discourages the existence of factory farming, protects the environment, as well as the water resources of the planet and sustainable food for poor countries, contributing in combating the greenhouse effect , as well as deforestation, desertification, and world hunger.


Universo Vegano™ was born from the desire to make a contribution to a sustainable way of life for every living thing and the environment that hosts it. With the knowledge that every food choice has a crucial impact on the ecosystem, Universo Vegano™ uses only natural foods, with mostly zero food miles and without meat products or products deriving from animals.

Still today, vegans and vegetarians are struggling to marry their lifestyle choices with aspects of daily life, such as going out to dinner with friends or a lunch break. Many restaurants offer both vegan/vegetarian dishes, as well as meat or fish, a choice that is incompatible with the pure vegan vision.

We at Universo Vegano™ have finally created a place where vegans, vegetarians and, why not, omnivores can find a wide range of products not deriving from animals that are able to satisfy the palate. An offer that goes beyond the classic “vegetarian” sandwich (the only alternative that is often present in Italian menus).

lucio Lucio Palumbo CEO - Universo Vegano

Lucio Palumbo is the creator of the project. With years of experience in the restaurant industry, he is passionate about vegan food, and has created innovative fast food, which is still inexistent, and which has immediately become the reference poi